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ESG Management


Environmental Management Policy

To create a sustainable future where people, society, and the environment coexist, SK ecoengineering has established and implemented an environmental management policy in line with its business direction. Environmental management is promoted under the CEO's accountability, with the environmental department at construction sites carrying out important environmental management activities and the environmental division at the headquarters overseeing the activities to ensure efficient operation of the environmental management system. We also supervise major environmental management implementation activities through management's evaluation and take appropriate measures on the results of the activities.
We have established clear environmental goals and an environmental policy to systematically promote environmental management throughout our business, and have obtained ISO 14001 certification, the international standard for environmental management systems, for efficient implementation and performance management. Each construction site conducts systematic environmental management activities within the framework of ISO 14001 for legal compliance and accident prevention.
Each year, we formulate a plan for regular and ad-hoc environmental audits to ensure on-site environmental compliance and build eco-friendly construction sites, and inspect the operation of the environmental management system and the status of on-site environmental management based on a standard checklist. For the noncompliance identified during the audits, we take follow-up measures such as developing action plans. We also respond to environmental audits conducted by government agencies on the construction sites subject to environmental impact assessment and fully implement recommendations.

Environmental Policy

SK ecoengineering, as a Net Zero Tech Solution provider that contributes to global carbon neutrality in the field of green energy, recognizes the importance and value of environmental preservation and contributes to the sustainable development of society through eco-friendly management activites, and we hereby declare our environmental policy as follows.

  1. We transparently disclose our environmental management performance and actively communicate with stakeholders to contribute to social development.
  2. We establish and apply stricter internal standards to ensure thorough compliance with domestic and international environmental regulations.
  3. We minimize environmental risks by identifying, implementing, and cascading eco-friendly site management measures.
  4. We take the initiative to achieve Net Zero and circular economy and secure global leadership through the voluntary participation and practice of all employees in environmental management activities to respond to climate change.
  5. We contribute to the company's sustainable growth and development through innovation/advancement of the environmental management system.
CEO of SK ecoengineering 오동호 January 1, 2023
Environmental Management Goals

In 2023, SK ecoengineering strives to achieve zero serious environmental violations and zero cases of fines over KRW 10 million by implementing systematic environmental audits. Our goal is to proactively respond to climate change by reducing GHG emissions by setting GHG reduction targets and monitoring emissions, while continuously enhancing our waste management system to maintain a high recycling rate that meets the Zero Waste To Landfill (ZWTL) standard for resource circularity.

Table of Environmental Management Goals(This table consist of No. of environmental violations, GHG reduction rate, Waste recycling's Performance, target)
Performance Target
2022 2023 2024 2025
No. of environmental violations
unit: cases
0 0 0 0
GHG reduction rate (YOY)
unit: %
2.75 2.8 3 3
Waste recycling
unit: %
99.35 99 99 99
Environmental Audits

We conduct regular and ad-hoc environmental audits to prevent risks and improve operational efficiency. We carry out customized audits for each site according to its size and operation process, and for sites where vulnerabilities are identified, we develop remediation plans to promote environmental management. Various supports are also provided for environmental management system implementation and environmental training at sites, and special audits are conducted during the heavy rainy season to prevent risks to vulnerable areas and facilities in response to the increasing severity of natural disasters such as localized torrential rains and typhoons. We make sure the findings of environmental audits are completely addressed at each site and tracked for recurrence prevention. Since 2023, we have been using S.CON (Smart Construction Platform), our DT system, for streamlining on-site environmental management activities.

Managing Environmental Noncompliance

Since the physical division from SK ecoplant in 2022, SK ecoengineering has maintained zero1) environmental noncompliance cases. We assign designated environmental supervisors to oversee the entire project process from site construction to completion, and check items such as air, waste, noise, vibration, and water quality using a standard environmental compliance checklist that covers project licensing, operation, and measures for prevention and containment facilities. We also strive to comply with environmental laws and regulations by providing a package of required documents as part of an on-site environmental management standard guide, and by focusing on six nonconformance areas for key processes.

1) Penalties over KRW 10 million

Environmental Incident Response

In compliance with ISO 14001, we perform environmental audits at our headquarters and sites to assess potential environmental risks and the operating status of the company's environmental management systems, thereby establishing an environmental incident response system. SK Environmental Management e-Guide is available to provide guidelines for preventing environmental accidents, and emergency response drills are held annually for rapid response to contain the spread of pollution, decontaminate, and restore the environment to prevent secondary damage.

ISO 14001ISO 14001 certificate

Waste Management

In 2022, we achieved a waste recycling rate of 99.6% by improving recurring concerns identified through regular environmental audits, such as insufficient waste separation, sorting, and storage, and by selecting recycling contractors from early on in the waste disposal process. We implement a variety of measures to reduce waste at different stages of construction, including on-site reuse and processing, identifying and working with non-fee-based recyclers, minimizing by-products from construction, and utilizing eco-friendly construction methods. From 2022, we have also implemented a waste management system that is linked to the Ministry of Environment's waste disposal verification system, Allbaro, and our in-house DT system, S.CON (Smart Construction Platform), to track waste generation and recycling rates by site in real time.

Construction Waste Treatment Process

Construction Waste Recycling Promotion Act Article 13 (1) and Enforcement S.CON ESG Integrated Dashboard Decree Article 9 (1)

  • Waste disposal contracting Allbaro System
  • License & permit filing Allbaro turnover form, register management, etc.
  • Installation of waste-related facilities Separate collection stations, interim treatment facilities, etc.
  • Waste separation and sorting
  • Waste storage
  • Waste disposal and recycling Outsourcing by waste type
  • Performance reporting Allbaro performance report (annually by February)
Fugitive Dust Control

We have made efforts to mitigate air pollution caused by particulate matter (PM) generated during construction by assigning designated personnel to car / wheel wash facilities, prohibiting the use of obsolete construction machinery, and operating water sprinkler vehicles and mobile sprinkler facilities. Especially from December to March of the following year, which is the PM season in Korea, we set and implement internal controls that are more stringent than the legal standards, and when emergency PM reduction measures are issued, we immediately shorten and adjust construction time, perform more intensive spraying, spray water on nearby roads, install and operate additional dust suppression equipment, and prioritize indoor tasks.

Noise Control

We install fixed sound barriers to reduce noise impacts during construction and additional mobile air sound barriers when using high-pitch equipment and machinery. In addition, for sites located in urban areas, we set up noise display boards at the construction site boundaries and monitor noise levels within the legal thresholds. When planning blasting, we notify residents in advance and even change the construction method if the impact of noise is severe so as to minimize the infringement of residents' rights.

Real-time noise monitoringReal-time noise monitoring

Soil Management

We plan, design, and implement environmental pollution prevention systems through preliminary research on soil risks at the site. By doing so, we take steps to protect our ecosystems and communities from potential environmental damage.

Recycling construction sludgeRecycling construction sludge

Recycling construction sludgeRecycling construction sludge

Mobile sprinkler facilitiesMobile sprinkler facilities

Wheel / car washing facilitiesWheel / car washing facilities

Environmental Training

We offer a variety of environmental training programs designed to increase employees' environmental awareness and knowledge. Through my SUNI, SK Group's education platform, employees can learn about ESG management as part of Green Literacy Program, RE100, energy business, waste recycling, new and renewable energy, hydrogen and fuel cells, and other subjects that help them internalize the company's direction. Further, annual education and training plans are established to conduct training for supervisors, environmental managers of suppliers, and other relevant employees, on environmental responsibilities, ISO 14001, and environmental laws and regulations.

Biodiversity Protection

SK ecoengineering strictly applies standards to protect the ecosystem and prevent the loss of biodiversity around the site before construction. Our efforts to protect the ecological environment include removing ecosystem-disturbing plants, transplanting trees, installing small animal escape routes and guiding fences, installing silt protectors, and avoiding nighttime construction work. We also strive to minimize our impact on the ecosystem by raising awareness of the importance of protecting biodiversity among site members and suppliers, and preventing indiscriminate collecting and damaging of wild plants.

Removing ecosystem-disrupting speciesRemoving ecosystem-disrupting species

Small animal escape routesSmall animal escape routes

Site Environmental Information Management System

We are developing S.CON (Smart Construction Platform), a DT system capable of collecting environmental information from all sites, including the headquarters, to enable transparent environmental management. We manage environmental data such as GHG emissions, energy consumption, waste discharge, and water consumption at our headquarters and construction sites, and disclose the aggregated data in real time on the S.CON ESG Integrated Dashboard. S.CON is used to manage actions on environmental audits and reports on environmental accidents/issues as well, and we are in the process of developing functions for real-time monitoring of the status and performance of on-site environmental management, including permits, site inspections, and the PEI. We also provide employees with information on environmental management through SK Environmental Management e-guide. Comprising a total of 8 categories and 35 guidelines, including standard guidelines and issue response guidelines, the e-guide provides essential information on on-site environmental management with frequent updates on environmental laws and regulations and the latest data.

S.CON ESG Integrated DashboardS.CON ESG Integrated Dashboard

SK Environmental Management e-guideSK Environmental Management e-guide