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High Tech EPC & Solution Provider

SK ecoengineering provides unrivaled services in Battery and Core materials for battery including LiBS, hydrogen and eco-friendly projects, and power plants using technically-skilled manpower and experience gained from numerous projects around the world. Our customers come back repeatedly due to the trust they have from receiving the best in value, as we concentrate on the industries of the future (including rechargeable batteries and LiBS), eco-friendly projects (eco-friendly hydrogen and plastic recycling, etc.), and LNG power generation infrastructure. At SK ecoengineering, we create both social and economic value.

Plant EPC / Tech Solutions are the core of our business, earning us superior expertise in high-tech EPC & solutions.

  • Plant EPC

    Plant EPC

    We have the highest level of performance in CQSS, with our Smart Work Platform digitally transforming our EPC Technology. We go far and beyond the simple implementation of traditional contract EPC projects.

  • Tech Solution

    Tech Solutions

    SK ecoengineering is poised to become the Global No. 1 Tech Solution Provider who is collaborating with original-technology companies, customizing our services through a variety of packages that consider your strategic direction, prior market occupation, profitability, and global scalability.

High Tech EPC & Solution Provider Safety Industrial -Academic Cooperation Battery & Materials Hydrogen & Environment Gas & Power Materials (Wafer)/Pharmaceutical/BIO/Other Industrial Business Continued Joint Development with Technology Companies Productivity Simplification Standardization Modularization Automation