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ESG Management


Shared Growth Policy

SK ecoengineering, together with its parent company SK ecoplant, operates shared growth programs in various fields such as finance, technology, and ESG. The Shared Growth Committee, chaired by the head of SK ecoplant's ESG Center, is held twice a year, in the first and second half of the year, to discuss plans to support business partners. The Shared Growth Committee is the highest decision-making body on shared growth policy and assigns accountability to management.

Shared Growth Goals and Plans

We see our business partners as our partners for life, and wish to grow along with them by enhancing their competitiveness in a rapidly changing business environment. To this end, we have adopted four practices1) to establish a fair subcontracting structure with our business partners based on our shared growth policy and reflected them in our corporate code. We also plan to establish a detailed implementation plan for shared growth and to gradually expand the support programs from 2023 through 2025.

1) Practices for executing agreements for win-win cooperation between large and small businesses; practices for issuing and preserving desirable documents in subcontracting transactions; practices for fair selection (registration) of suppliers; and practices for establishing and operating an internal review committee for subcontracting transactions

Status of Shared Growth Support Programs
Table of Status of Shared Growth Support Programs(This table consist of Category(Finance, HR and recruitment, Technology, Training, Market development, Benefits, ESG), Support program, Details, Unit, 2022)
Category Support program Details Unit 2022
Finance Win-Win growth loan Lend funds at zero interest KRW 100 million 400
Win-Win growth fund Support loans at lower than market rates through a fund jointly created by SK member companies and IBK Bank 200
Contract holdback support Lower business partners' contract holdback rate companies 39
HR and recruitment Job creation via industry-university partnership Support internship training for prospective grads of Meister high schools and their recruitment by business partners companies 19
Participation in job fairs Provide opportunities to participate in various events 2
Technology Industrial innovation movement Support suppliers’ innovation tasks by tapping investment funds for win-win growth companies 7
Support for tech leasing Protect core technical data by escrowing at the Korea Foundation for Cooperation of Large & Small Business, Rural Affairs 6
Training Outsourced training Provide expenses for practical construction training from the Construction Association of Korea Persons 125
Win-win growth CEO seminar Hold seminars to raise competencies of CEOs of major business partners 137
Market development Participation in sales talks Offer opportunities to participate in various conferences cases 12
Win-win growth mall Operate a win-win growth mall for SME sales channel development KRW 100 million 1
Benefits Subsidies for expenses for congratulations and condolences Provide wraths, flowers, and monetary gifts for congratulatory and condolatory occasions KRW 100 million 3
Support for long-term employment of key personnel Encourage long-term employment via Naeil Chaeum Deduction System for business partners’ key resources companies 1
Gift Offer gifts on founding anniversary of business partners 86
ESG ESG assessment support Support business partners’ participation in corporate ESG assessment companies 157

* Program and scope: based on joint operation by SK ecoplant and SK ecoengineering

Shared Growth Achievements

In 2022, SK ecoengineering and its parent company, SK ecoplant, introduced a new support program to strengthen the safety management capabilities of our business partners following the enforcement of the Serious Accident Punishment Act. We also operate various communication channels to actively listen to the opinions of business partners in the shared journey for mutual growth. Grievances are received and handled through the partner contribution column on the business partner website, and handle issues related to disagreements and subcontract payments through the operation of the Settlement Council.