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ESG Management


Compliance Policy

SK ecoengineering established the Compliance Management Guidelines in April 2023 in order to promote fair and transparent business practices and secure the sound development of the company and the trust of customers. The Compliance Manager was appointed to lead the Compliance Management Organization, laying the foundation for compliance management activities, including assessment of legal risks; management of legal risks; operation of compliance education and training programs; daily compliance support; voluntary compliance checks by employees; whistleblowing; handling of violations; and delivery and management of information and data. Each year, all members, including the CEO, pledge to establish a culture of compliance through the Pledge of Compliance. With a goal of establishing a fair subcontracting transaction system and building a complementary and balanced relationship with business partners on an equal footing, we operate an internal process to pre-screen and review unfair special terms and conditions prohibited by the Fair Transactions in Subcontracting Act.
Also, in compliance with the same act (Article 12(3) Prohibition of Request to Provide Technical Data), we have developed and are operating a TDMS (Technical Data Management System) to request technical data legitimately and comply with related procedures. In addition we are operating an internal reporting system and conducting training for all employees.

Compliance Goals

SK ecoengineering aims to build and internalize a Compliance Management System (CMS) in 2024 as the company strengthens its compliance monitoring obligations and expands the scope of Compliance Management.