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We will strengthen management transparency through a BOD-based governance structure.

As a hi-tech solution-based EPC firm established in 2022, SK ecoengineering incorporates the SK Group's ESG value in the basic direction of all its business activities and management that span across fields such as construction and civil engineering, electrical construction, factory construction, industrial and environmental facility construction, and overseas construction, etc. A board of directors (BOD) made up of 3 to 10 members and 1 auditor are appointed to make independent decisions related to the company's main businesses based on the law, the Articles of Incorporation, and the company's basic management philosophy. With regards to the board meeting proceedings, minutes recording the names and seals of the chairman and directors who attended the meeting are prepared and kept by the company. In a bid to enhance business transparency, the status of BOD activities is regularly updated on the website to provide more information on corporate governance and key decision-making.

By striving to fulfill the company's business objectives, SK ecoengineering constantly pursues its ultimate purpose of keeping its members and stakeholders happy. At SK ecoengineering, we are aware that social values are the values that will lead to the happiness of our members and stakeholders, and we aim to promote mutual development by continuously building customer trust and maintaining a virtuous cycle of cooperation with our business partners. Starting with the pursuit of individual happiness, our company is committed to mutual growth and we will take up various roles and responsibilities to help all members of our society attain sustainable development.

2024 BOD Activities

BOD Activities's Table(Include of Date, Agenda, Approval)
Date Agenda Approval
2024-03-14 M Phase II Project Subcontracting Agreement Approved
Evaluation Report on the Operation of Internal Accounting Management System -
2024-02-14 Appointment of Chairman of the Board of Directors Approved
Audit Agreement with the Parent Company Approved
Subscription to Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance Approved
Approval of Financial Statement and Business Report Approved
Convocation of the 3rd Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and Adoption of Agendas Approved
Shell F/S Project Subcontracting Agreement Approved
Report on Internal Accounting Management System -
Report on 2024 Business Plan -